Creating a sacred space for healing through Craniosacral, massage and breath.

NEWS: After a year long break from my practice to heal from breast cancer I am back and starting to joyfully see clients again. Please call or email for more info on my Santa Rosa location.

The beautiful lotus grows out of the mud. And the mud allows the flower to bloom.



Body Treatments

Therapeutic Massage

A massage for relaxation and for relieving pain in tight areas. It promotes ease in body and mind by restoring health and balance to tight muscles and soft tissue. It includes flowing strokes to improve circulation of blood and lymph and specific work in areas of tension to find the source of pain and restore well-being. It is great for shoulder pain, neck tension, sciatica, whiplash, carpal-tunnels syndrome, jaw tension and much more.
1 Hour - $80, 90 minutes - $110

Neck Release

This treatment gives your neck a chance to release the tension built up from habits of daily life or injury. Using passive positioning and massage, this treatment is non-invasive and gentle. A 30 minute session allows you to drop in on your lunch hour, or after work.
30 minutes - $45


Refined Body/Spirit Treatments

CranioSacral Massage

This treatment combines the profound releases of CranioSacral work with the lovely relaxation of therapeutic massage. CranioSacral work allows for a deep rest for the body. It reboots the nervous system and releases restrictions that may improve ability to sleep, digestion, sinuses, headaches and more. It is often a first step for change in my clients' lives, from a path of overhwelm and overwork to one with more rest, awareness and energy. The gift of rest and recuperation is always available. Give it to yourself!
70 minutes - $80, 90 minutes - $110

CranioSacral Therapy

A profound, deeply relaxing therapy that releases restrictions in the skull, along the spine and sacrum. CranioSacral work allows for a deep rest for the body. It reboots the nervous system by encouraging the body to use it's own mechanisms for healing. Clients have experienced improved ability to sleep, improved digestion, relief from headaches, relief from irritable bowel syndrome, and release of anxiety and stress. This is a wonderful step in the direction of healing and awareness. For more info, see
1 hour - $80

Lomi Lomi

This treatment comes from the ancient shores of Hawaii and uses long, flowing strokes reminiscent f the movement of water. Based in shamanic tradition, this experience was given to those who were stepping into a new place, letting go of the old, and becoming open to the present moment. I recommend this treatment for those going through life changes, dealing with grief, loss, divorce, and looking for an integration of body, mind and spirit, and connection with the sacred. Long, flowing strokes start at the feet and go up the shoulder, creating a feeling of wholeness and connection to the full body with special consideration for the heart. 30 minutes are dedicated to checking in and creating intention before and after the treatment.
2 hours - $140

Massage for an Open Heart
This massage treatment was created to give special care to the area of the heart; releasing tension, loosening muscles, leaving the heart open to receiving the love and gifts of life. This treatment begins with gentle cranio-sacral releases over the body. Next, hot stones are carefully placed over the chakras, and in the hands. Then experience the unwinding and release of massage over the neck and upper chest, where we hold so much responsibility. Then receive grounding with a blissful foot massage. Allow gentleness and nurture to flow into your being.
75 minutes - $85

A Gift of Health and Restoration

For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, Mother's Day and Father's Day, or any special occasion a Gift Certificate for a massage treatment or spa package is wonderful way to provide a peaceful and restorative experience for friends and loved ones.

Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount or for specific treatments or spa packages.

To order a Gift Certificate call: (707) 758-2365 or email



Jessica Peters Malmberg has been a massage therapist since 2001. Her passion is in the deep inner workings of Cranio Sacral Therapy, in the healing through sound, and the shamanic work of Lomi Lomi.

Through attention and compassion she creates a quiet and sacred space to honor what is within each client, so that what is tight can unwind and energy and lightness can come in.

BA, Religious Studies, Westmont College, 1998
CMT, Massage Therapy, Halcyon Center, 2001
Instiute of Conscious Bodwork, 2006

Advanced Anatomy, Institute of Conscious Bodywork
Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Institute of Conscious Bodywork
Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian Temple Bodywork
Hot Stone Massage, Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute
Reiki I, Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute



Jessica Peters Malmberg, CMT
Located in Santa Rosa, CA. Please call for details.

Phone: Jessica (707) 758-2365
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Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday 2pm to 5:30pm.

Located in a quite peaceful private office two blocks from downtown Santa Rosa, Lotus Bodywork offers a quite setting allowing each client to receive a focused and personalized treatment..

To schedule an appointment or free consultation please call or email with the date and time you would like to come in.